Grizzlies cross his meadow regularly and the moose help themselves to his winter hay. Montana wildlife artist Todd Fredericksen doesn’t have to venture far in order to observe those he paints. Todd lives off the grid in the Gallatin Mountain Range close to Yellowstone National Park.

Classically trained as an artist, his paintings capture the essence and beauty of nature at her finest. In addition to painting, Todd is skilled in sculpture. “Whether it is the intricate details in the fur of a six foot tall black bear or the traditional design and execution of a 32 foot tall Totem Pole, Todd is one of those exceptional artists who can express themselves in multi dimensions,” said a private collector and fan. 

Wildlife artist Todd Fredericksen paints from his experiences in the wild. Thus, every work has a story. Please peruse these works of art and contact Todd to get these incredible depictions of wildlife on to your walls.